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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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What happens after GCE?

Successful careers in many fields

A masters degree in GCE acts as a springboard to socially relevant, innovative careers and leadership positions in nature and environmental protection. A great part of GCE alumni is active in Global Change research and teaching. Other GCE alumni, in turn, worf for companies, associations and national administrations.

On this page, you can explore some statistics and what GCE alumni report on their career after their studies.

Discover our alumni association!

Our alumni association Friends of Global Change Ecology (FroG) is a possibility to stay in touch with GCE and network with other alumni. Find out more on their webpage. Logo Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

Explore what GCE alumni do after their studies!

Since the start of GCE in 2006 until 2018 already 125 students have completed the program.

A great number is still employed in Germany, but a lot have moved out to different parts of the world.

By far, science is the major sector of employment for GCE alumni followed by private business.

Employment sector

Country of employment

Find out what alumni say about their studies
What did you like most about GCE?

Katharina Funk

"I really liked the opportunities to go to international conferences, such like IBPES and COP and the first-hand experience of climate negotiations."
- GCE 2016

Dr. Sia Gosheva-Oney

"When I started studying GCE, we were 7 people altogether in my year, which allowed for a very intensive supervision from the side of the GCE profs; additionally, the study course supported our education by enabling us to visit international conferences and to participate in summer and winter schools. One amazing experience I had was a summer school in the Brazilian Amazon, where we did research with international students, experienced new cultures, and lived on a boat."
- GCE 2007

 Patrick von Jeetze

"The liberty of choosing most of the curriculum, including Science Schools, freely and according to my interests. GCE also provided an array of opportunities to partake in high-level meetings such as IPBES and the UNFCCC COP. Since GCE is embedded in the Elite Network of Bavaria, this provides further chances for networking and exchange with peers from various backgrounds."
- GCE 2016

Farina Hoffmann

"International students, student coordination was fantastic and always helpful, community among the students."
- GCE 2016

Md Lookman Hossain

"I liked the course modules those divided into three fields, where I found freedom to choose my interested courses.
In addition, methods courses were very helpful to advance my research and analytical skills. Participation at a science school in La Palma, Canary Islands in 2015 was one of the most fruitful and exciting events in my GCE study. I also appreciate the enormous supports I got from GCE coordination office."
- GCE 2014

Dr.-Ing. Albert Hans Baur

"The interdisciplinary curriculum, the internships and summer schools and mostly, my great study friends."
- GCE 2007

Dr. Gesche Blume-Werry

"The close contact to the teachers, the small groups, and the strong focus of the university on geosciences."
- GCE 2009

Nora Marie Zaremba

"Small classes, students from all over the world, interesting topics, practical experiences."
- GCE 2015

Asja Bernd

"I gained both methodological skills, like using remote sensing, as well as technical knowledge on climate change, biodiversity or ecosystem services. Also the chance to study with people from many different countries and backgrounds, although my year was not the most international, unfortunately."
- GCE 2011

All alumni since the start of GCE can be found on this page.

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