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Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Lecture/Exercise course: Foundations of Biogeographical Modelling (M4) (74051)

SS 2014
2014-07-25-2014-07-30 (several days), S24a (PC-Pool)

Anja Jaeschke, Manuel Steinbauer

Lecture/Exercise course, 2 ECTS

Block course July 25th, 28th - 30th


25.07.2014 8.15 to 16.00, S24a (Cip Pool) "Simulating artificial data to test theoretical assumptions"
(Manuel Steinbauer)
28.07.2014 8.15 to 16.00, S24a (Cip Pool) "Species distribution modelling and climate change projections"
(Anja Jaeschke)
29.07.2014 8.15 to 16.00, S24a (Cip Pool) "Process-based models for vegetation dynamics"
(Anja Jaeschke)
30.07.2014 8.15 to 16.00, S24a (Cip Pool) "Modelling current island biogeographical theory"
(Manuel Steinbauer)

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