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Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Laura SommerDr.

Laura Sommer


e-Mail: laura(at)lksommer.com

Laura is a sustainability consultant and psychologist with focus on
environmental behaviour, communication, change management and
psychological well-being in the face of climate change.

In her work, Laura supports companies and organisations to identify
psychological barriers and facilitators, like values and norms, that
hinder or facilitate employee and stakeholder engagement with
environmental behaviour. To do so she applies empirical methods such as
surveys or focus groups that enable her to tailor behavioural
interventions specifically to the needs and goals of her client.

Interdisciplinarity lies at the core of her understanding. In her
doctoral dissertation, Laura combined research from psychology, climate
change science and art, to investigate the effect of environmental art
on people. In addition, she curated the immersive installation
„Pollution Pods“ by climate change artist Michael Pinsky. This artwork
gives visitors a bodily sense of what it means to live in cities with
high levels of air pollution.

Currently, Laura is living in Athens working locally and internationally
to push sustainable development forward. She is convinced that at the
core of every environmental problem, such as climate change, plastic
pollution or food waste, lies human behaviour. Her goal is to establish
environmental psychological approaches in businesses and organisations
as basis for transformational change.


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