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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Marco Brendel

Marco Brendel


At Global Change Ecology until 09/2014
e-Mail: marco.brendel(at)elitenetzwerk.de


2012 - 2015 Master of Science in Global Change Ecology
University of Bayreuth, Germany
2008 - 2012

Bachelor of Science in Geography
University of Bonn, Germany

Thesis topic: "Geoökologische Untersuchungen zum Reproduktionsverhalten von Pardosa Palustris entlang eines Höhengradienten im mittelnorwegischen Hochgebirge"

Department of Geography - Climatology and Landscape Ecology Group

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jörg Löffler

Internships & Summerschools  


03/2014 - 04/2014

Jülich Research Centre
Jülich, Germany

Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG-2): Plant Sciences
Plant-Plant Interactions and Biodiversity Group

05/2012 - 09/2012 State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection - LANUV NRW
Recklinghausen, Germany

Monitoring and efficiency control in nature conservation

08/2013 Alpine Field Ecology
Obergurgl, Austria

School (University of Innsbruck, Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl)

02/2013 Island Biogeography revisited: 50th anniversary of a ground breaking theory in biogeography
La Palma, Canary Islands

School (University of Bayreuth, Department of Biogeography)

Research Assistance

10/2012 – 07/2013 Department of Hydrology
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Assistant in research project "The effect of iron (III)-sulfide interactions on electron transfer processes in anoxic aquifers" (etrap PE-438/12-3)

04/2012 – 08/2012 Institute of Crop Science and Resource Protection - INRES
University of Bonn, Germany

Assistant in collaborative research project of "Patterns in soil, plant and atmosphere systems" (Transregio 32)

04/2011 – 03/2012 Department of Geography - GIUB
University of Bonn, Germany

Assistant in project of "Long-Term Alpine Ecosystem Research in the Scandes" (LTAER)
Mentoring programme in Climatology and Landscape Ecology Group


11/2013 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 19/ CMP 9
Warsaw, Poland
03/2013 European Climate Change Adaption Conference - ECCA
Hamburg, Gemany

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