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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Gloria Reithmaier


At Global Change Ecology until 12/2016
e-Mail: Gloria.Reithmaier(at)stmail.uni-bayreuth.de


2014 - present

Master of Science in Global Change Ecology
University of Bayreuth, Germany

2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Geoecology
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Thesis topic: Formation and stability of thiomolybdates - laboratory experiments and investigations at Lake Rogoznica, Croatia

Department of Environmental Geochemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

Internships & Summerschools  

05/11 Internship in Environmental Tourism
ReNatur, Travel Business, Korfu, Greece;

supervisor Heiko Gleichner

Project: Environmental education and organisation of guided excursions

06/11 - 07/11 Internship in Environmental Engineering
Frauenhofer Institute, Department of Heat Technology , Sulzbach, Germany;

supervisor Steffen Lippmann

Project: Execution of burning experiments, creation of an instruction sheet for laboratory instruments

03/13 Student assistant for laboratory work in Geochemistry Department
University of Bayreuth, Department of Environmental Geochemistry, Bayreuth, Germany;

supervisor Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

Project: Moss preperation for a membrane measuring volcanic gases in Yellowstone National Park

08/13 Excursion through the Alps
Methods of Vegetation Science

University of Bayreuth, Department of Biogeography

supervisor Prof. Dr. Anke Jentsch & Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein

08/13 - 09/13 Internship in Marine Chemistry
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Department of Marine Chemistry, Šibenik, Croatia;

supervisor Dr. Elvira Bura-Nakić

Project: Electro-chemical analysis of sulphur species in lake Rogoznica

09/14 - 10/14 Excursion through Namibia and Botswana
Focus on climatology, geobotany, geomorphology & human geography

University of Bayreuth, Department of Climatology

supervisor Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi & Prof. Dr. Eberhard Rothfuß

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