Otto Klemm: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Klimatologie und Deposition von Luftschadstoffen im Fichtelgebirge (BITÖK-A3)
    Johannes Lüers, Otto Klemm, Johannes Olesch, Jörg Gerchau, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Quantification of the atmospheric input of water and nutrients to a forest ecosystem through fog deposition (Nebeldeposition (DFG Kl 623/4-2))
    Thomas Wrzesinsky, Otto Klemm [Details]

  • Vertical fluxes over forests: Field experiments for the parameterization and validation of models (BEWA 2000)
    Jörg Gerchau, Andreas Held, Cornelia Gerwig (Klör), Otto Klemm [Details]

  • The influence of leaf wetness on the depostion velocity of water soluble gases (BITÖK-A 3)
    Thomas Foken, Otto Klemm [Details]

  • Phase distribution of nitrogen compounds in the atmospheric boundary layer (BITÖK-A 4)
    Jörg Gerchau, Alexander Mangold, Thomas Wrzesinsky, Otto Klemm [Details]

  • Meteorology and air pollution in the Fichtelgebirge (BITÖK-A 5)
    Jörg Gerchau, Thomas Foken, Otto Klemm [Details]

  • Concentrations and deposition of particulate and gaseous sulfur and nitrogen in the Fichtelgebirge (BITÖK-S 1)
    Jörg Gerchau, Otto Klemm, Klaus Peters, Reiner Eiden (1932-2018) [Details]