Handorf, D; Foken, T; Kottmeier, C: The stable atmospheric boundary layer over an antarctic ice sheet, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 91, 165-189 (1999)
Turbulence measurements up to 11-m height and longterm profile measurements up to 45-m height performed at the German Neumayer Station in Antarctica are used to investigate different components of turbulence closure schemes of the stable boundary layer. The results confirm the linear relationships for the universal functions of momentum and heat exchange in the stability range z/L < 0.8 ...1, whereas the local scaling approach should be used above the surface layer. Furthermore, boundary-layer heights below 50 m are frequently observed at this coastal Antarctic site, mainly due to the influence of stability above the boundary layer. It is shown that the inclusion of this stability into parametrization relations is necessary to provide realistic equilibrium heights of the stable boundary layer. Two relations, based on different physical approaches, were successfully applied for the parametrization of the equilibrium height.

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