The Analytical Chemistry Lab (CAN) is part of the Keylab for Experimental Biogeochemistry. It provides analytical service for BayCEER members and Projects that involve the BayCEER. In exceptional cases and if the capacity is sufficient, service can also be provided for University of Bayreuth researchers who are not member of BayCEER. Samples that are ready to measure will be handled preferentially. Samples from industry-projects CANNOT be analyze by our laboratory for legal reasons. 

Routine analytical service:


1) Request per email to

We need the following information:

  • Number and sort of samples (liquid / solid / matrix / ...)
  • Required preparation steps  (sieving / grinding / extractions / digestions / dilutions / ...)
  • Required chemical parameter (and approach/method if applicable)

  • Is the project that finances the analysis already registered with the CAN ? 
    Yes - please provide project name and account.
    No - please hand in the following form: Kundendatenformular

    (NB:  registration is only required once per customer / project)

2) The offer on the requested analysis is sent out by email

3) The customer accepts the offer or requests changes

  • The signed offer needs to be sent to the CAN (will be required by the central administration of the University for payment) 
  • Therefore the CAN needs to have the project and account data at this stage.

4) Delivery of the samples 

  • Samples should be handed over (samples/sample container consecutively numbered) together with the filled sample data sheet. Analysenbegleitschein 


5) Measurements

  • The request will be handled in the order of the receipt of the request (i.e. signed offer). In case of high workload in the CAN, this can lead to waiting times.
  • If the data should be required at a certain date (e.g. for B.Sc or M.Sc. thesis), please contact us at an early stage.

6) Data are sent out by mail

  •  Data are usually sent as an ExCel spreadsheet.

7) Disposal of samples

  • The leftover samples can either be picked up by the customers or disposed by the CAN (subject of additional costs). 

8) Transfer in the books / shipment of the bill

  • Transfer based on the signed offer.
  • NB: The final amount is calculated according to the real operating expense and can deviate from the offer (e.g. if additional, unexpected preparation steps are required).
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