Listing of publications Consortium for Research in East African Tropical Ecosystems

-- 2015 --
Arnhold, S; Otieno, DO; Onyango, John C; Huwe, B; Tenhunen, JD: Soil properties along a gradient from hillslopes to the savanna plains in the Lambwe Valley, Kenya, Soil & Tillage Research, Vol. 154, 75-83 (2015) [Link]
Atera, EA; Onyango, JC; Thanh, PT; Ishii, T; Itoh, K: Identification of QTL for Striga hermonthica resistance using backcross population derived from a cross between Oryza sativa (cv. Nipponbare) and O. rufipogon., Journal of Agricultural Science, 7 (2), 99-105 (2015)
Künster, J: Geschichte des Abfalls: Ein Vergleich zur geschichtlichen Entwicklung der Abfälle in den Gesellschaften des Globalen Nordens und Südens, AV Akademikerverlag, EAN: 9783639790573, (2015) [Link] -- Details

-- 2014 --
Künster, J: Waste-Management in Mazabuka - Sambia. "SWERS" - angepasste Lösung mit Modellcharakter, oder nicht konkurrenzfähiges Kleinunternehmen? AV Akademikerverlag, EAN: 9783639677126, (2014) [Link] -- Details
Lambini, C; Nguyen, T: A comparative analysis of the effects of institutional property rights on forest livelihoods and forest conditions: Evidence from Ghana and Vietnam, Forest Policy and Economics, 38, 178-190 (2014), doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2013.09.006 -- Details
Narh, P: Interlocking of livelihood and regime in environmental governance, Environment, Development and Sustainability Journal(10668), in review (2014) [Link]
Narh, P: Relationship between stewards and stockholders in environmental governance, Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Management (JENRM), 1(3) (2014) [Link]
Narh, P: Migration and resource interactions in a rural cash crop economy in Ghana, ERDKUNDE international journal, submitted (2014) [Link]

-- 2013 --
Atera, EA; Ishii, T; Onyango, JC; Itoh, K; Azuma, T: Striga Infestation in Kenya: Status, Distribution and Management Options., Sustainable Agriculture Research, 2 (2), 99-108 (2013)
Atera, EA; Kondo, F; Itoh, K: Evaluation of intercropping and permaculture farming system for control of Striga asiatica in maize, Central Malawi., Tropical Agriculture and Development Journal, 57 (4), 114-119 (2013)
K'Otuto, GO; Otieno, DO; Onyango, JC; Ogindo, HO: Seasonal dynamics of carbon dioxide exchange of the herbaceous layer of a moist Kenyan savannah, Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 12, 63-82 (2013)
Lauer, F: Impacts of land use change on forests and savannas of Kenya. Biodiversity and Ecology, University of Bayreuth, Germany, , MSc Module Report (2013)
Lee, B; Kwon, H; Otieno, DO; Tenhunen, JD: Phenological patterns of vegetation formations in Ruma National Park, Kenya, evaluated with MODIS NDVI, , in prep. (2013)
Leipold, T: Water use by major tree species of the arid lowlands of Mt Kilimanjaro. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , PhD Thesis (2013)
Narh, P: Transcending dominant notions of development in BIGSAS: Bayreuth African Studies Working Papers, 11(4/2013) (2013) [Link]
Nguyen, T; Tenhunen, J: Review of integrated ecological-economic analyses for bioenergy plants under climate change at local scale, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 5(3), 324-343 (2013), doi:10.1108/IJCCSM-04-2012-0020
Ondier Otieno, J: Influence of land use on soil respiration and root growth in the herbaceous component of a moist Kenyan savanna. Dept. of Botany, Maseno University, Kenya, , Master Thesis (2013)
Ruidisch, M; Arnhold, S; Huwe, B; Bogner, C: Is ridge cultivation sustainable? A case study from the Haean catchment, South Korea, Applied and Environmental Soil Science, Special Issue: Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Article ID 679467 (2013), doi:10.1155/2013/679467 -- Details
Schweiger, A: Drivers of plant facilitation in the afro-alpine zone of Mt. Kilimanjaro - spatial and temporal variation of micro-climate, vegetation structure, plant water relations and ecosystem CO2 fluxes and their interactions. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germnay, , Master Thesis (2013)

-- 2012 --
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Farmers’ perception and constraints to the adoption of weed control options: the case of Striga asiatica in Malawi., Journal of Agricultural Science, 4 (5), 41-50 (2012)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Farmers’ perspectives on the biotic constraint of Striga hermonthica and its control in western Kenya., Weed Biology and Management, 12 (1), 53-62 (2012)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Response of NERICA rice to Striga hermonthica infections in western Kenya., International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 14 (2), 271-275 (2012)
Hauer, M: Heterogenitaet in der Wasser- und Stickstoffverteilung innerhalb der Baumkrone von drei Savannenarten. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Master Thesis (2012)
Jákli, B: Synchronitaet mit saisonalen Niederschlagszyklen: Einfluss von Bewaesserung auf CO2-Austausch und Produktivitaet der Grasschicht einer ostafrikanischen Savanne waehrend Trockenperioden. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Master Thesis (2012)
Kimuyu, DM; Wahungu, GM; Kairu, JK; Otieno, DO: Tana River mangabeys facilitate forest regeneration through seed dispersal, Open Journal of Ecology, 2(12-20) (2012)
K'Otuto, GO: Effects of agro-ecosystems on the carbon dioxide exchange and carbon storage in the herbaceous layer of a moist savannah ecosystem. School of Agriculture and Food Security, Maseno Univ., Kenya., , PhD Thesis (2012)
K'Otuto, GO; Otieno, DO; Seo, B; Onyango, JC; Ogindo, HO: Carbon dioxide exchange and biomass productivity of the herbaceous layer of a managed tropical humid savanna ecosystem in western Kenya, Journal of Plant Ecology, 1-12 (2012)
Maina, JN; Wang, Q; Otieno, DO; Oula, D; Mupenzi, JP; Onyango, JC: Interactive effects of livestock and trees on nutrients and herbaceous layer production in a humid Kenyan savanna, East African Journal of Science and Technology, 1(1), 9-26 (2012)
Otieno, DO: Controls on carbon flow in grassland ecosystems, , Habilitation thesis. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth (2012)

-- 2011 --
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Onyango, JC: Evaluation of ecologies and severity of Striga weed on rice in sub-Saharan Africa., Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America, 2 (5), 752-760 (2011)
Jákli, B: Einfluss von Acacia auf Wasserverfuegbarkeit, CO2-Fluesse und Biomasseproduktion in einer ostafrikanischen Savanne waehrend Trockenperioden. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Bachelor Thesis (2011)
Künster, J: Waste-Management in Mazabuka, Sambia, Dept. of Geographical Development Research, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Bachelor Thesis, 1-74 (2011) [Link] -- Details
Mutiso, FM; Mugo, JM; Cheboiwo, J: Post-Disturbance Tree Species Regeneration and Successional Pathways in Mt Blakett and Kedowa Forest Blocks, Mau Ecosystem, Kenya, Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 3(6), 745-753 (2011) -- Details
Osieko Okach, D: Interactive influence of land-use and rainfall on the structure and function of the herbaceous layer community of a moist tropical savanna. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , PhD Thesis (2011)
Otieno, DO; K'Otuto, GO; Jákli, B; Schröttle, JN; Maina, JN; Jung, EY; Onyango, JC: Spatial Heterogeneity in Structure and Function of a Moist Savanna in Ruma National Park, Kenya, Plant Ecology, 212, 769-783 (2011)
Schröttle, P: Einfluss von Termiten auf Wasser- und Naehrstoffverfuegbarkeit im Boden rund um ihre Nester und die Auswirkungen auf die umliegende Vegetation in der Savanne. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Bachelor Thesis (2011)

-- 2010 --
Otieno, DO; K'Otuto, GO; Maina, JN; Kuzyakov, Y; Onyango, JC: Responses of ecosystem CO2 fluxes to soil moisture fluctuations in a moist Kenyan Savanna, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 26, 605-618 (2010)

-- 2009 --
Maina, JN: Effects of ungulate herbivory and trees on ecosystem processes of the herbaceous layer community in wet tropical savanna. Dept. of Botany, Maseno University, Kenya, , Master Thesis (2009)

-- 2008 --
Breiner, F: CO2-Austausch und Kohlenstoffverteilung in der tropischen Savannenlandschaft in Abhaengigkeit von Beweidung und Wasserverfuegbarkeit. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Bachelor Thesis (2008)
Jeruto, P; Lukhoba, CL; Ouma, G; Otieno, DO; Mutai, C: Herbal treatments in Aldai and Kaptumo divisions in Nandi district, Rift Valley province, Kenya, AJTCAM, 5, 103-105 (2008)

-- 2005 --
Otieno, DO; Schmidt, MWT; Adiku, S; Tenhunen, JD: Physiological and morphological responses to water stress in two Acacia species from contrasting habitats, Tree Physiology, 25, 361-371 (2005)
Otieno, DO; Schmidt, MWT; Kinyamario, JI; Tenhunen, JD: Responses of Acacia tortilis and Acacia xanthophloea to seasonal changes in soil water availability in the savanna region of Kenya, Journal of Arid Environments, 62, 377-400 (2005)

-- 2004 --
Otieno, DO: Coordinated tree responses to drought-vulnerability and sustainable production: hypotheses on arid ecosystem adjustments to limitations in water resources. Dept. of Plant Ecology, Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany, , Ph.D. thesis (2004)

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