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Measuring campaign of greenhouse gas exchange in grassland ecosystems

In may and june 2011, the FORKAST working group "greenhouse gas exchange" carried out cross-project measurements of the gas exchange in grassland ecosystems. Measurements in the natural environment and in ecosystems under experimentally manipulated climatic conditions were performed in collaboration with the Coordination module. The measurement period began on the study area of TP5 (Prof. Foken / University of Bayreuth) in Voitsumra. Next, measurements followed at the study sites of the EVENT-experiment (TP8, Prof. Jentsch / University of Bayreuth) in the Botanical Garden Bayreuth. All measurements were carried out together with scientists from the sub-project 4 (Dr. Drösler) at the Technical University of Munich. The results should improve the relation of methods of eddy covariance studies, soil chamber, and soil respiration measurements. Furthermore, the drought impact on net CO2 exchange (NEE) of grassland ecosystems should be determined by means of experimental approaches. The findings provide insight into short-term ecosystem responses to extreme events (drought). 


The working group "GHG-exchange" comprises of the following FORKAST-subprojects:



Science and research management of the joint research center FORKAST

Andreas Gohlke, Camilla Wellstein, Carl Beierkuhnlein



Impact of climate change on ecological functional services of grassland and peatland ecosystems

Jan Heinichen, Matthias Drösler



Investigation of carbon turnover in grassland sites in Northern Bavarian low mountain ranges under extreme climate conditions

Michael Riederer, Yakov Kuzyakov, Thomas Foken



Impacts of extreme weather events and diversity on ecosystem functions in experimental and natural plant communities

Kerstin Grant, Roman Hein, Elke Koenig, Anke Jentsch



Impact of climate change on alpine grassland ecosystems: An in situ climate change experiment in the Ammer catchment area

Olivia Kreyling, Sebastian Unteregelsbacher, Rainer Gasche, Michael Dannenmann, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, Hans Papen, Hans-Peter Schmid

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