The working group "phenology" comprises of the following FORKAST-subprojects:



Science and research management of the joint research center FORKAST

Andreas Gohlke, Camilla Wellstein, Carl Beierkuhnlein



Plasticity and Adaptive Capacity of Different Provenances of Plant Key Species in the Face of Climatic Extreme Events

Daniel Thiel, Elke Koenig, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Jürgen Kreyling, Monika Konnert, Gerhard Huber



Ecological gradient of altitude based on different species groups in natural forest stands of the Bavarian Forest

Anton Fischer, Markus Blaschke, Helge Walentowski



Short-term impacts and long-term consequences of extreme climatic years on forest ecosystems on extreme edaphic sites in Bavaria

Cathrin Meinardus, Achim Bräuning



Impact of climate change on ecological functional services of grassland and peatland ecosystems

Jan Heinichen, Matthias Drösler



Impacts of extreme weather events and diversity on ecosystem functions in experimental and natural plant communities

Kerstin Grant, Roman Hein, Elke Koenig, Anke Jentsch



Climate-induced invasions of native and alien aquatic plant species

Markus Hoffmann, Tobias Klein, Arnulf Melzer, Uta Raeder, Stefan Zimmermann



Ecological impacts on phenology of the Bavarian vegetation due to recent climate change

Christine Cornelius, Christoph Schleip, Annette Menzel



Climate change and extreme events threaten plant-pollinator-networks

Gita Benadi, Hans-Joachim Poethke, Thomas Hovestadt, Nico Blüthgen



Impacts of climate change on the vegetation of the alpine zone – A historical and functional analysis as basis for future changes

Sergey Rosbakh, Peter Poschlod



Combined effects of climate change, extreme events and habitat fragmentation to diurnal butterflies and trophic interactions

Annette Leingärtner, Bernhard Hoiß, Jochen Krauss, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter

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