Diploma Thesis

Kohlenstoffflüsse über einer Wiesenfläche im Fichtelgebirge

Max Haase (03/2009-08/2010)

Support: Thomas Foken, Johannes Lüers

The aim of this diploma thesis is to estimate the carbon dioxide fluxes and the CO2 balance of a grassland site near Voitsumra in the Fichtelgebirge, Germany. Research and the public are more and more interested in the behavior of ecosystems in relation to climate change. An eddy-covariance measurement system was installed at a managed grassland site north east of the Fichtelgebirge. From August 20th to December 4th 2009 data was collected using a CSAT3 sonic anemometer and a LI-7500 open-path IR-gas analyzer. During this time the meadow was mown once. Data processing and analyzing was done using the software package TK2 (Mauder u. Foken, 2004). With the assistance of gap filling methods (Falge et al. 2001, Lloyd u. Taylor 1994, Michaelis u. Menten 1913, Ruppert et al. 2006) the Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) and its components could be estimated. Before the cutting of the grassland the assimilation and the respiration were higher than afterwards. Values of -36.4 g m-2 d-1 and 24.9 g m-2 d-1 before and 7.7 g m 2 d 1 and 9.8 g m-2 d-1 after the grass cut were calculated. -11.5 g m-2 d-1 were sequestrated before and 2.1 g m-2 d-1 were emitted after the cut. NEE during the whole measurement period was -2.0 g m-2 d-1. Because of NEE being negative the grassland is a sink for CO2 during the related measurement period.

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