Foken, T; Falke, H: Technical Note: Calibration device for the krypton hygrometer KH20, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 5, 1861-1867 (2012)
Key words: hygrometer, calibration, KH20

A calibration device for krypton hygrometers (KH20, Campbell Scientific, Inc.) with variable path length is presented. This unit allows for in-situ calibrations of the krypton hygrometer, which is typically not very stable over time, during measuring campaigns. It was constructed mainly for application at high altitudes and low temperatures, where further improvements are needed to the IRhygrometers which are normally used. The changing path length requires that a changing concentration of the absorber be simulated. Because oxygen absorbs more strongly than water vapour, the calibration is made against oxygen and transferred to water vapour. The design of the calibration instrument is made as one unit containing a stepper motor system, PC and humidity sensor. For the calibration, it is necessary to install the krypton hygrometer on this unit.

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