Raabe, A; Foken, T: Die Höhe der internen Grenzschicht im Windfeld nach einer sprunghaften Änderung der aerodynamischen Rauhigkeit der Unterlage - Beispiel Küste. In: F. Chmielewski and T. Foken (Editors), Beiträge zur Klima und Meeresforschung. Eigenverl, , 227-237 (2003)
(The height of the internal boundary layer after a sudden change of the roughness of the underlying surface - Example: coastline) The paper reviews the investigations of the Working Group Oceanology of the University of Leipzig with respect to internal boundary layers in the coastal zone. After an introduction covering the definition of and approaches to determine the height of the internal boundary layers, it is clear from the experimental results that the height of the internal boundary layer can be determined with a simple parametrization based on the fetch and nearly independent of the roughness change (smooth to rough or rough to smooth). The strong practical relevance of the investigation is highlighted.

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