Siebicke, L*; Hunner, M; Serafimovich, A; Schröter, J; Ruppert, J; Foken, T: Advection experiments at the Waldstein/Weidenbrunnen FLUXNET site
Talk, Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Forest Ecosystems, Thurnau: 2009-10-05 - 2009-10-08

Advection measurements at the Waldstein/Weidenbrunnen FLUXNET site were conducted during three experiments: Waldatem 2003, EGER IOP1 2007 and EGER IOP2 2008. Techniques applied to measure horizontal gradients of CO2 are presented ranging from the well known single analyzer approach using a switching valve system (applied in 2003 and 2007) to a multi-instrument setup (applied in 2008). Advection estimates from the different setups are presented as well as an overview over the statistical approach developed to make use of the multi-analyzer measurements. Finally, the effect of advection on estimates of NEE will be shown.

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