Online application

For online applications, University of Bayreuth employees have to log on with their personal "btxxxx" user name, scholarship holders may use their "sxxxxx" user name. Applying online gives you the following advantages:

  • The online registration has been merged with the registration for the University of Bayreuth Graduate School (optional). If you want to apply for both, you can do it at once.
  • The mentors who were specified in the application are informed by e-mail about the application, and confirm their willingness to supervise the candidate.
  • The PEER steering committee can access the uploaded certificates, which is useful in case of urgent decisions. The copies of the certificates will be deleted from the server after acceptance to the PhD program.
  • PhD candidate and mentors may use the online documentation of credits earned within your doctoral studies. 

It is not required to complete the application process in one single step: The required documents may be uploaded individually, and the application can be finalized when the documents are complete. 

For legal reasons, to finish the application process it is required to present the original certificates to the Dean's office and to submit the Admission form  with the personal signature of you and your supervisor.

For your convenience, a pdf document including all required information is provided for printout after completion of the online application. This document must be signed and presented to the chair of PEER. Likewise the admission form for the University of Bayreuth Graduate School is provided.


-> Online application for PEER via BayNAT homepage

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