Studying in Bayreuth

Research Priority on Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Ecology and Environmental Sciences is a research area with tradition at the Universitz of Bayreuth. Scientists of three colleges, Biology/ Chemistry/ Geo sciences, Engineering and Law & Economics are involved in research, education and applied science. There is good reason for studying in this field of research at the University of Bayreuth.

The Ecological Botanical Gardens of the University of Bayreuth not only offers a place to relax and recreate, but its research and classes on the diversity and ecology of vegetation from the entire world allows ample insight into botanical research.

If you enjoy the outdoors, the natural beauty of the landscapes in the surroundings of Bayreuth will fascinate you. The escarpments of Franconian Jura, the Bohemian Massif with the Fichtelgebirge mountains and the Franconian fault offer exciting geology and recreation whereever you go.

The University of Bayreuth features excellent laboratories such as:

Students in Bachelor, Master and PhD programs alike have the opportunity to do research in projects all over the world.

Further information about the research priorities.

  • Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    Anja Kleebaum, Geoecology and Environmental Informatics

    "Studying in Bayreuth means learning beyond one's own nose. the short ways on campus make it possible to check out the classes offered by other departments and the conditions and learning environment are excellent."