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Key Skills: Presentation skills

Presentation skills are a key factor in science and other areas to convey your ideas and to make new contacts. Feedback is very important in order to succeed! The BayCEER workshop is a good opportunity to present your work to an interdisciplinary audience of experts.


In the accompanying program for PhD students presenting a poster or a talk,

  • a criteria check list will be developed before the workshop
  • feedback on poster and oral presentations will be given and taken during the workshop

Who can participate?

This program is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. It is open to all PhD students. Priority will be given to members of the PhD program for Ecology and Environmental Research (PEER).

Participation is particularly encouraged if you give your first presentation to a larger audience. You may also participate if you want specific feedback on your presentation skills.


Please check the appropriate box during online registration if you want to participate!

Contact: Birgit Thies, Bettina Engelbrecht

last modified 2012-07-17