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Transport of sulfonamide antibiotics in crop fields during monsoon season

Jong Yol Park1, Bernd Huwe1, Andreas Kolb1
1 Soil physics group, University of Bayreuth

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Transport and fate of 3 sulfonamide antibiotics (sulfamethoxazole, sulfadimethoxine and sulfamethazine) were studied in small agricultural land during monsoon period. The experiment has been conducted in 2 typical sandy loam potato fields of South Korea after application of the veterinary antibiotics and bromide. Transport simulation has been performed with HydroGeoSphere program which can consider soil characteristics, climate condition, adsorption/desorption and degradation. Results from the measurements and modeling focus on the role of heavy rainfall, of related the ratio of runoff and infiltration in terms of the selected antibiotics distribution and fate. Bromide on topsoil was moved into soil as increasing rainfall loading. On the contrary, the sulfonamides were relatively retarded in upper soil layer owing to adsorption onto soil particles. Different patterns of Runoff were observed, and slope and rain intensity was representative factor in this study. Distribution of target pharmaceuticals was strongly dependent on constitution of furrow and rib in the agricultural fields. Modeling results positively matched with background studies that describe physico-chemical properties of the sulfonamides, interaction between soil and the antibiotic group, solute transport through vadose zone and runoff induction by storm events.

last modified 2014-08-22