2 Cross-scale relations in ecology and environmental research

P 2.1 Emanuel Brucker, Sarmite Katkevica, Marie Spohn
Phosphorus solubilization by microorganisms at different stages of soil development
P 2.2 Ulrich Hambach, Christian Zeeden, Igor Obreht, Frank Lehmkuhl, Daniel Veres, Slobodan B. Marković
Towards multi-proxy based millennial time scales in Lower Danubian Late Pleistocene Loess-Palaeosol Sequences: evidence for persistent North Atlantic sea surface temperature control
P 2.3 David Kienle, Manuel J. Steinbauer, Carl Beierkuhnlein
What is the main driver of global endemism patterns – isolation or climatic velocity?
P 2.4 Jörg Schaller, Bettina Engelbracht
Silicon in tropical forests: variation across soils and trees

3 Water and the environment: From biosphere to geosphere

P 3.1 Clarissa Glaser, Benjamin Gilfedder
Tracing freshwater-saltwater exchange and biochemical cycling using continuous radon and chemical measurements on a barrier island (Spiekeroog, Northern Germany)
P 3.2 Eunyoung Jung, Shanwen Sun, Julia Schimidt, Bettina Engelbrecht
Quantifying plant drought tolerance of temperate grasslands plants: a comparative experimental approach
P 3.3 Jan Kupp, Luisa Pianezzola, Giulia Zuecco, Daniele Penna, Luisa Hopp
Run-off response to spring snowmelt of an alpine catchment in the Italian Dolomites
P 3.4 Amani saul Lwila, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, Eun-Young Jung
Response of leaf functional traits and species composition of savanna herbaceous vegetation to livestock grazing and rainfall treatment
P 3.5 Bouchra Marouane, Stefan Peiffer
The use of schwertmannite material to remove selenate and selenite from contaminated water
P 3.6 Shanwen Sun, Eunyoung Jung, Lindner Steve, Bettina Engelbrecht
Mechanisms of drought tolerance in temperate grassland species
P 3.7 Sven Frei, Krutzke Jennifer, Wilhelm Laura, Gilfedder Benjamin, Laforsch Christian
Micro plastics in the Roter Main river

4 Land-use effects on ecosystems

P 4.1 Silvia Parra, Gerhard Gebauer
Isotope signatures to trace the origin and fate of nitrate in the Soyang Lake Watershed, South Korea
P 4.2 Stefan Kaltenbach, Valeska Scharsich, Michael Hauhs, Christina Bogner
Evaluating land use change in the Afar Region, Ethiopia, with remote sensing data
P 4.3 Andrea Früh-Müller, Lutz Breuer, Thomas Koellner, Volkmar Wolters
Spatial mismatch between ecological deficits and agri-environmental subsidies across Germany
P 4.4 Valeska Scharsich, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, Christina Bogner
Analysing land use and land cover changes in the Ruma National Park and surroundings in Kenya

6 Paving the way for research: Databases, instruments, networks
& Open Session

P 6.1 Christine Göhring, Stefan Holzheu, Oliver Archner, Oleg Lobachev
SAX: A new tool for interactive haystack needle similarity search in time series
P 6.2 Oliver Archner, Stefan Holzheu
Use Cases of Low Cost Sensor Observation Systems
P 6.3 Sarmite Katkevica, Andreas Held
Chemical composition studies of laboratory-made α-pinene SOA by NMR
P 6.4 Janine Lückerath, Birgit Wehner, Andreas Held
Aerosol flux measurements during the Melpitz Column experiment
P 6.5 Lisa von der Heyden, Martin Graus, Thomas Karl, Julian Deventer, Andreas Held
Urban aerosol flux measurements in Innsbruck, Austria
P 6.6 Andreas Held, Marina Vater, Thomas Rupp, Stefan Dötterl
How ozone affects the perception of plant volatiles in western honey bees
P 6.7 Philipp Giesemann, Gerhard Gebauer
Hidden robbery: A new approach (δ2H) discloses organic nutrient-gain effectiveness of C3-hemiparasites from C3-host plants.
P 6.8 Elisabeth Hüllbusch, Yung-I Lee, Gerhard Gebauer
Which fungi taste good to orchids? Diversity of carbon and nitrogen gaining strategies in mycoheterotrophic orchids of Southeast Asia
P 6.9 Klink Saskia, Giesemann Philipp, Gebauer Gerhard
Feeding with fondness? Obtaining a higher precision in nitrogen gain estimates among carnivorous Pinguicula species by considering the trophic level of their prey
P 6.10 Stefan Bindereif, Thomas Holdermann, Sandra Merten, Sabine Schneiders, Gerhard Gebauer
Two-dimensional nitrogen isotope analysis of ammonium nitrate
P 6.11 Celvin Schuster, Ludwig Zöller
Quaternary volcanism in the Eifel – potential causes and risks
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