Thursday, 13.10.2016

TimeH36, NW III
08:30Registration (Foyer NW III)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer, BayCEER Director


"Research highlights from BayCEER working groups"

Chair: Stefan Peiffer

H 1.1: Marie Spohn: Soil Biogeochemistry
09:15H 1.2: Martin Obst: Experimental biogeochemistry - projects and research topics
09:20H 1.3: Gerhard Gebauer: Research highlights from the BayCEER - Laboratory of Isotope Biogeochemistry
09:25H 1.4: Eunyoung Jung et al.: Plants and drought: from mechanisms to patterns
09:30H 1.5: Jürgen Dengler: Research Highlights from the Chair of Plant Ecology
09:35H 1.6: Ludwig Zöller: Research Highlights in Geomorphology
09:40D 1.7: Oliver Schmidt: Syntrophic Microbial Consortia in Peat: Teamwork at the thermodynamic limit of live
09:50D 1.8: Andreas Schweiger: Springs as models to unveil ecological drivers and responses : Perspectives for ecosystem theory from neglected ecosystems

Poster presentations in "Lightning Talks"


Morning Poster Coffee (Foyer NW III)


"Water and the environment: From biosphere to geosphere"

Chair: Christina Bogner

O 3.1: Jürgen Dengler et al.: Community assembly processes and emerging diversity patterns in European grasslands along the hydrological gradient
11:30O 3.2: Shanwen Sun et al.: High turgor loss point promotes the survival of temperate grassland species under drought
11:45O 3.3: Jens Diller et al.: Impact of Impatiens glandulifera on a local freshwater community: A mesocosm study

"Land-use effects on ecosystems"

Chair: Heike Feldhaar

O 4.1: Steve Lindner et al.: Determining the Role of Agro-Ecosystems in a Changing Climate: Quantification of CO2 exchange, Carbon allocation and Storage in the Main Agricultural Crops of South Korea.
12:15O 4.2: Lisa Heuss et al.: Ant community changes under increasing land-use in temperate grassland
12:30O 4.3: Michael Erik Grevé et al.: Functional trait diversity of ant communities between land-use types

Lunch  (S 136)


"BayCEER Bridge Builder Prize"

B 1: Pina Brinker et al.: Distribution and colony fragmentation of the invasive ant Anoplolepis gracilipes on La Réunion
14:00B 2: Maria Hänsel et al.: Emerging erosion risk in South-West Ethiopia: Farmers’ preparedness and soil conservation strategies
14:15B 3: Anita Weißflog et al.: Contrasting patterns of insect herbivory and predation pressure across a rainfall gradient

"Cross-scale relations in ecology and environmental research"

Chair: Schweiger, A. , Irl, S., Beierkuhnlein, C.

O 2.1: Andreas Schweiger: Scale matters or not - What drives scale-dependence of ecological patterns?
14:45O 2.2: Iwona Dembicz et al.: Species richness patterns of vascular plants within steppe islands: a case study of kurgans in southern Ukraine
15:00O 2.3: Peter Wilfahrt et al.: Using a model plant community to decouple soil effects from climate gradients: A Phytometer approach
15:15O 2.4: Severin Irl: Climate and topography – drivers of plant endemism on a high-elevation island

Afternoon Poster Coffee (Foyer NW III)


"Paving the way for research: Databases, instruments, networks
& Open Session"

Chair: Andreas Held

O 6.1: Christine Heuck et al.: Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus net mineralization in organic layers of temperate forests: Stoichiometry and relations to organic matter quality
16:15O 6.2: Maria Klug et al.: Elimination of molybdenum, antimony and tungsten from industrial wastewaters by using schwertmannite adsorbents
16:30O 6.3: Manuel J. Mayr et al.: From toys to tools: assessing vegetation structural parameters and potential disturbance impacts using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Come together
& BayCEER Awards Session

(Foyer NW III)

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