13 Artificial and natural groundwater recharge (co-organized by IAH)

Leitung: Johannes A.C. Barth, Christoph Neukum, Judith Flügge

Donnerstag, 12:00-13:00, HS 1

Recharge of groundwater is a fundamental --- but so far poorly understood --- topic for continental water balances worldwide. When facing droughts and extreme precipitation, its understanding has become increasingly important. For instance, groundwater recharge and storage has the potential to link both extremes in a mitigating manner. On the one hand, we need to improve quantifications of natural groundwater recharge and on the other hand, better technical understanding of its artificial counterpart has the potential to become a viable alternative for surface water storage and cleanup. However, associated consequences of unbalanced groundwater recharge may include undesired effects such as compromised water quality, land subsidence or flooding, insufficient or even overabundant availability of water to plants. We invite contributions from all fields including aqueous geochemistry, groundwater modelling, soil sciences, construction of wells, biological and agricultural influences, ecosystem research as well as investigations on groundwater-surface water interactions. With this we hope to establish new interaction on the topic in an interdisciplinary session on a fundamental issue in hydro(geo)logy.

12:00V 13.1: Steffen Birk et al.: Effects of grassland responses to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on evapotranspiration and recharge
12:15V 13.2: Fritz Kalwa et al.: How to infiltrate nutrient-rich water via a vadose zone well without compromising groundwater quality
12:30V 13.3: Cornelius Sandhu et al.: Erkundung eines potentiellen Uferfiltrationsstandortes an einem hochbelasteten Fluss in Nordindien
12:45V 7.5: Gunnar Lischeid et al.: Effizientere Nutzung von KI-Ansätzen in der Hydrogeologie

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P 13.1 Laura Bräunig, Ina Mählmann, Victoria Burke, Gudrun Massmann
Introducing initial findings on geochemical interactions of partly desalinized water infiltration into a salinated dune sediment
P 13.3 Michael Engel, Simon Mischel, Sabrina Quanz, Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Dirk Radny, Axel Schmidt
Tracer and model-based quantification of groundwater inflow along Moselle River
P 13.4 Andrea Hachenberg
[ENTFÄLLT] Kinetik der Eisenhydroxydbildung unter Einfluss der Atmosphäre
P 13.5 Fritz Kalwa, Eric Franz, Andreas Hartmann
How to backflush a vadose zone well - Concept and experimental testing
P 13.6 Lena Scheiffele, Gabriele Baroni, Sascha Oswald, Matthias Munz
Estimating dynamic groundwater recharge rates for the field scale with soil moisture from cosmic-ray neutron sensing
P 13.7 Mareike Schloo, Laura Bräunig, Victoria Burke, Gudrun Massmann
Water-sediment interactions during infiltration of partly desalinated water into different dune sediments

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