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Peer reviewed


Moradi, M., Arabi, B., Hommersom, A., van der Molen, J., Samimi, C.: Radiative transfer model for quality control of above-water hyperspectral downwelling irradiance measurements. Proceedings of SPIE, 12728, 127280C (2023).

Moradi, M., Arabi, B.: Seasonal and spatial variability in bio-optical properties of the Persian Gulf : Implications for ocean color remote sensing. Continental Shelf Research, 266, 105094 (2023).

Arabi, B., Moradi, M., Samimi, C., Verhoef, W.: Two decades water quality monitoring using time-series of multispectral satellite images over the Wadden Sea supported by radiative transfer modelling. Proceedings of SPIE, 12728, 127280T (2023).

Books and Book sections


Arabi, B., Salama, M., Verhoef, W.: Evaluation of Tidal Effect on Water Constituent Variations Using Optical Observations and Tide Gauge Recordings in the Dutch Wadden Sea. In: 2018 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium : Proceedings ; July 22–27, 2018, Valencia, Spain. - Piscataway, NJ : IEEE, 2018. - 132-135.

Other publications


Arabi, B., Moradi, M., Samimi, C., Verhoef, W., Zandler, H.: Developing A New Index for the Detection of Optically Shallow Waters in Complex Coastal Areas from Multi-Spectral Satellite Images Using Radiative Transfer Modelling. - (Speech), AGU 23, 11-15 December 2023, San Francisco, CA & Online.


Arabi, B., Salama, M., van der Wal, D., Pitarch, J., Verhoef, W.: The impact of sea bottom effects on the retrieval of water constituent concentrations from multispectral satellite images in complex shallow tidal waters supported by radiative transfer modeling. Remote Sensing of Environment, 237, 111596 (2020).

Arabi, B., Salama, M., Pitarch, J., Verhoef, W.: Integration of multi-sensor satellite images and in-situ measurements for long-term water quality monitoring in coastal areas. Remote Sensing of Environment, 239, 111632 (2020).


Arabi, B.: Optical Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Wadden Sea. - Enschede, the Netherlands: University of Twente, 2019. - 206 p.
(Thesis, 2019, University of Twente)

Arabi, B.: Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Wadden. - (Speech), Boussinesq Lecture 2019, 17. Okt. 2019, Amsterdam.


Arabi, B., Salama, M., Wernand, M., Verhoef, W.: Remote Sensing of Water Constituent Concentrations Using Time Series of In-situ Hyperspectral Measurements in the Wadden Sea. Remote Sensing of Environment, 216, 154-170 (2018).


Arabi, B., Salama, M., Wernand, M., Verhoef, W.: Phytoplankton Phenology in the Marsdiep Region of the Dutch Wadden Sea. - (Poster), Third International Ocean Colour Science (ICOS) Meeting, 15.-18. Mai 2017, Lissabon, Portugal.


Arabi, B., Salama, M., Bayat, B., Verhoef, W.: Monitoring of Water Quality in High Turbid Waters Using Coupled Atmospheric-hydro-optical Models and Remote Sensing Observations (Case study: The Wadden Sea). - (Poster), AGU Ocean Science Meeting, 21.-26. Febr. 2016, New Orleans, USA.

Arabi, B., Salama, M., Wernand, M., Verhoef, W.: MOD2SEA : A Coupled Atmosphere-Hydro-Optical Model for the Retrieval of Chlorophyll-a from Remote Sensing Observations in Complex Turbid Waters. Remote Sensing, 8(9), 722 (2016).

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