Bettina Engelbrecht: Publikationen

-- 2011 --
Pino, D; Condit, R; Turner, B; Perez, R; Engelbrecht, B: Soil nutrients and water availability shape species distribution in tropical forests, Conference Proceedings of the Society for Tropical Ecology - GTÖ (2011)

-- 2009 --
Comita, LS; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Seasonal and spatial variation in water availability drive habitat associations in a tropical forest, Ecology, 90, 2755-2765 (2009)
Kursar, TA; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Burke, A; Tyree, MT; El Omari, B; Giraldo, JP: Tolerance to low leaf water status of tropical seedlings is related to drought performance and distribution, Functional Ecology, 23, 93-102 (2009)

-- 2008 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ: Studying drought in the rain, STRI News, May 18, 2007 (2008)

-- 2007 --
Arnold, EA; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Fungal endophytes double minimum leaf conductance in leaves of a neotropical tree, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 23, 369-372 (2007)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Comita, LS; Condit, R; Kursar, TA; Tyree, MT; Turner, BL; Hubbell, SP: Drought sensitivity shapes species distribution patterns in tropical forests, Nature, 447, 80-82 (2007)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Tyree, MT; Kursar, TA: Visual wilting stages of seedlings as a proxy for drought survival and leaf water potentials, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 23, 497-500 (2007)

-- 2006 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Dalling, JW; Wolf, R; Pearson, T; Galvez, D; Koehler, T; Tyree, MT; Kursar, TA: Short dry spells in the wet season increase mortality of tropical pioneer seedlings, Oecologia, 148, 258-269 (2006)
Lovelock, CE; Ball, MC; Choat, B; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Holbrook, NM; Feller, IC: Linking physiological processes with mangrove forest structure: Phosphorus deficiency limits canopy development, hydraulic conductivity and photosynthetic carbon gain in dwarf Rhizophora mangle, Plant, Cell and Environment, 29, 793-802 (2006)
Lovelock, CE; Ball, MC; Feller, IC; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Ewe, ML: Variation in hydraulic conductivity of mangroves: Influence of species, salinity, and nitrogen and phosphorus availability, Physiologia Plantarum, 127, 457-464 (2006)
Lovelock, CE; Feller, IC; Ball, MC; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Ewe, ML: Differences in plant function in phosphorus- and nitrogen-limited mangrove ecosystems, New Phytologist, 172, 514-522 (2006)
Svenning, JC; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kinner, DA; Kursar, TA; Stallard, RF; Wright, SJ: The relative roles of environment, history, and local dispersal in controlling the distributions of common tree and shrub species in a tropical forest landscape, Panama, Journal of Ecology, 22, 575-586 (2006)

-- 2005 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ: Dry and wet season survival, STRI News, March 18 (2005)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Comita, LS: Linking seedling drought resistance with species habitat associations: dry season mortality, Center for Tropical Forest Science Newsletter, 3, 3 (2005)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kursar, TA; Tyree, MT: Drought effects on seedling survival in a tropical moist forest, Trees, 19, 312-321 (2005)
Kursar, TA; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Tyree, MT: A comparison of methods for determining soil water availability in two sites in Panama with similar rainfall but distinct tree communities, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 21, 297-305 (2005)

-- 2004 --
Lovelock, CE; Feller, IC; McKee, K; Engelbrecht, BMJ: Nutrient limitation on growth in extensive scrub mangroves in Bocas del Toro, Panama, Functional Ecology, 18, 25-33 (2004)
Svenning, JC; Kinner, DA; Stallard, RF; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Wright, SJ: Ecological determinism in plant community structure across a tropical forest landscape, Ecology, 85, 2526-2538 (2004)

-- 2003 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Comita, LS; Condit, R; Tyree, MT; Kursar, TA: Drought and seedling survival in tropical rainforest plants: linking drought resistance with species' distribution, In: Gesellschaft für Ökologie: Stadler S., Hensen I., Klotz S., Feldmann H. (eds) Biodiversity - from patterns to processes. Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie, 33, 277 (2003)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kursar, TA: Comparative drought resistance of seedlings of 28 woody species of co-occurring tropical woody plants, Oecologia, 136, 383-393 (2003)
Tyree, MT; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Vargas, G; Kursar, TA: Desiccation tolerance of five tropical seedlings in Panama: Relationship to a field assessment of drought performance, Plant Physiology, 132, 1439-1447 (2003)

-- 2002 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Wright, SJ; DeSteven, D: Effects of El Niño drought on survival and water relations of seedlings of three neotropical rainforest species in Panama, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 18, 569-579 (2002)
Tyree, MT; Vargas, G; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Kursar, TA: Drought until death do us part: A case study of the desiccation-tolerance of a tropical moist forest tree, Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch, Journal of Experimental Botany, 53, 2239-2247 (2002)

-- 2001 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Dalling, JW; Pearson, TRH; Wolf, RL; Galvez, DA; Koehler, T; Ruiz, MC; Kursar, TA: Short dry spells in the wet season increase mortality of tropical pioneer seedlings. In: Ganeshaiah KN, Uma Shankeer R, Bawa KS (eds) Tropical Ecosystems: Structure, Diversity and Human Welfare, Oxford IBH, New Delhi, 665-669 (2001)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Herz, HM: Evaluation of different methods to estimate understory light conditions in tropical forests, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 17, 207-224 (2001)
Herz, HM; Engelbrecht, BMJ; Beyschlag, W: Herbivory affects leaf and plant water relations in tropical forests. In: Gesellschaft für Ökologie: Zotz G., Körner Ch (eds) Funktionelle Bedeutung von Biodiversität - The functional importance of biodiversity, Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie, 31, 313 (2001)

-- 2000 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Velez, V; Tyree, MT: Hydraulic conductance of two co-occurring neotropical understory shrubs with different habitat preferences, Annals of Forest Science, 57, 201-208 (2000)

-- 1998 --
Engelbrecht, BMJ: Comparison of the diversity, abundance and distribution of Piper species in two neotropical forests with different rainfall regimes. In: Dalitz H, Haverkamp M, Homeier J, Breckle SW (eds) GTÖ 98. Kurzbeiträge zur Tropenökologie, Bielefelder ökologische Beiträge, 12 (1998)
Engelbrecht, BMJ; Herz, H: Evaluation of different methods to estimate understory light conditions in tropical forests. In: Dalitz H, Haverkamp M, Homeier J, Breckle SW (eds) GTÖ 98. Kurzbeiträge zur Tropenökologie, Bielefelder ökologische Beiträge, 12, 88 (1998)

-- 1997 --
Winter, K; Richter, A; Engelbrecht, B; Posada, J; Virgo, A; Popp, M: Effect of elevated CO2 on growth and crassulacean-acid-metabolism activity of Kalanchoe pinnata under tropical conditions, Planta, 201, 389-396 (1997)

-- 1994 --
Winter, K; Engelbrecht, B: Short-term CO2 responses of light and dark CO2 fixation in the crassulacean acid metabolism plant Kalanchoe pinnata, Journal of Plant Physiology, 144, 462-467 (1994)
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