Schlather, M; Huwe, B: A stochastic model for 3-dimensional flow patterns in infiltration experiments, Journal of Hydrology, 310(1-4), 17-27 (2005)
Modelling the 3-dimensional water flux at field scale is important for the design and the analysis of dye tracer experiments. Furthermore, it enables the estimation of the risk to groundwater by pollutants, and the visualisation and classification of flux patterns. A stochastic model is presented that allows for the modelling of a wide range of flow patterns in soils as they appear in dye tracer experiments. The leading idea is that infiltrating water runs along paths, not necessarily preferential ones, and water spreads into the soil uniformly from the paths into the matrix. The model is essentially based on a Poisson point process and three independent random fields. The point process defines the starting points of the paths at the surface. The values of two random fields determine the course of the paths. The third random field governs the depth of the infiltration front. As an extension of the model, we present two simulated examples for stratified soils.
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