Albrecht, C; Huwe, B; Jahn, R: Allocation of the Munsell code to a color name according to pedological criteria, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 167(1), 60-65 (2004)
Soil color is one of the central information for soil classification. Normally, it is described by name or by Munsell code. The Munsell code is based on a standardized color space, and therefore it is possible to compare colors numerically. The advantage of the verbal description is the very fast determination without any aids. As many soil science records contain only the name, the computationally interpretation is often impossible. In order to solve this problem, a system was developed that determines the central Munsell code to every color name considering soil science criteria. It is programmed with the platform-independent language Tcl/Tk as free software.
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