Wörlen, C; Schulz, K; Huwe, B; Eiden, R: Spatial extrapolation of agrometeorological variables, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 94, 233-242 (1999)
Agrometeorological variables are especially subject to variations in space - a fact that makes calculations of areal mean values for e.g. evaporation extremely exclusive. Wind, temperature, and humidity cannot be measured continuously in space. In this paper we present simple methods to determine values of those variables for non-ideal positions form measurements at a singel ideal point and test these spatial functions by measurements at three non-ideal points in a catchment. For wind, we were able to obtain a relatively good fit by taking the sheltering effects of the catchment rims into account. Temperature was not regionalizable with simple approaches, but needs to be regionalized with spatially and temporally differentiated models. Specific humidity can be assumed to be homogeneously distributed even though there were sinks and sources for water vapor in the study area.
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