Menyailo, OV; Huwe, B: Activity of denitrification and dynamics of N2O release in soils under six tree species and grassland in central Siberia, Journal of Plant Nutr. Soil Sci., 162, 533-538 (1999)
To clarify the influence of tree species on N2O emissions, soil chemical properties, initial concentrations of denitrifying enzymes and dynamics of N2O emissions were studied in the laboratory under standardized conditions in soil samples from artificially afforested spots with spruce, birch, pine, aspen, larch, cedar and under grass as control. 26 years of tree development caused changes not only in soil chemistry but also in persistence and dynamics of denitrifying enzymes. Total amount of N2O release correlated more with the initial status of N2O-reductase than with N2O-producing enzymes. C:N ratio was the main chemical factor explaining variation of N2O emission between species.
At equal level of atmospheric N-deposition, N2O release will increase in the order: grassland < larch < pine < spruce < cedar < aspen < birch. These data may be useful to predict N2O losses from forest ecosystems in Siberia with different dominant tree species.
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