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Dengue Fever

Dengue fever, caused by the dengue virus (Flaviviridae), is one of the most significant global mosquito-borne diseases. Every year, dengue affects 100 to 400 million people in at least 128 countries, including many countries once considered dengue-free (Brady 2020). Symptoms are flu-like, characterised by sudden high fever, skin rashes, aching limbs, joints and headache. Dengue fever can progress to life-threatening conditions, such as dengue haemorrhagic fever (Simmons 2012). With the exception of the outbreak in Madeira in 2012-13 (vector: Ae. aegypti, 1080 confirmed cases), autochthonous dengue cases in Europe have only occurred sporadically in Croatia, France, Spain and Italy in recent years (ECDC 2020).

Risk maps: 2020 und 2021


Figure: Girish Khera, Scientific Animations Inc., 2517 Tea Leaf Ln, Tustin, USA

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