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Macroecology and Biogeography meeting

May 3rd to 6th 2023 - Universität Bayreuth

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ReSurveyEurope: a database of resampled vegetation plots in Europe

Ilona Knollová1, Milan Chytrý1, Helge Bruelheide2, Stefan Dullinger3, Ute Jandt, Markus Bernhardt-Römermann, Idoia Biurrun, Francesco de Bello, Michael Glaser3, Stephan M. Hennekens, Florian Janssen, Borja Jiménez Alfaro, Daniel Kadaš, Ekin Kaplan3, Klára Klinkovská, Anna Kuzemko, Bernd Lenzner3, Harald Pauli, Marta Gaia Sperandii, Kris Verheyen, Manuela Winkler, Franz Essl3
1 Masaryk University
2 Martin Luther University
3 University of Vienna

P 1.14 in Poster Session Thursday (15:15-16:00)

Aims: We introduce ReSurveyEurope – a community initiative that establishes a new resource of data from re-surveyed vegetation plots in Europe. We describe the scope of this initiative, provide an overview of currently available data, governance, data contribution rules, and accessibility, and outline further steps, including potential research questions.  
Results: ReSurveyEurope considers vegetation plots from all habitats. The first call for data provision was issued on 6th October 2020. All databases in ReSurveyEurope are stored and managed using the Turboveg 2 program at Masaryk University in Brno. Version 1.0 of ReSurveyEurope contains 274,396 observations (i.e. individual surveys of each plot) from 77,020 plots sampled in 442 independent resurvey projects included in 256 datasets. Of these, 62,431 (80 %) are permanent plots, i.e. marked or geo-tagged plots, which allow for high spatial accuracy in resurvey. The remaining 15,873 (20 %) plots are from resampling studies, in which plots from the initial survey were not exactly located. Four datasets, which together account for 28,470 (35 %) plots, provide only presence / absence information on plant species, while the remaining 49,834 (65 %) plots contain abundance information (e.g. percentage cover or cover-abundance classes such as the Braun-Blanquet scale). The oldest plots were sampled in 1911 in the eastern Alps, while most plots were sampled between 1950 and 202222.
Conclusions: ReSurveyEurope is a new resource to address a wide range of research questions on community-scale changes in European vegetation. It is devoted to an inclusive and transparent governance and data usage approach, based on slightly adapted rules of the well-established European Vegetation Archive (EVA). ReSurveyEurope data are ready for use, and proposals for analyses can be submitted to the coordinators.

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