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Macroecology and Biogeography meeting

May 3rd to 6th 2023 - Universität Bayreuth

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Wednesday, 03.05.2023: Workshop

TimeSWO conference room

Check-In & Welcome coffee


Workshop 1. Physiological species distribution modelling using the TTR-SDM - an introduction (Prof. Dr. Steven Higgins and Dr. Timo Conradi), Room: S1, SWO-building

Workshop 2. Addressing macro-ecological questions with paleontological data (Gregor Mathes, Franka Gaiser, Eileen Straube and Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer), Room: conference room, SWO-building


Lunch break (SWO Foyer)


Workshops continued


Coffee Break


Workshops continued


Get Together (Pizza) (SWO Foyer)


Thursday, 04.05.2023: Conference

TimeSWO conference room

Check-In & Welcome Coffee


Welcome of Host


1st Keynote Speech: Biodiversity redistribution and microclimatic processes under climate change (Dr. Jonathan Lenoir)


"Session 1: Dynamics and conservation under global change"

O 1.1: Karin Mora et al.: Dynamics of collective flora macrophenology from crowd-sourced data
10:10O 1.2: Eva Katharina Engelhardt: Past occupancy changes in Central European insects and their drivers

Announcement art project Mind the gap! – “Das große Rasenstück” by Betty Beier and Anke Jentsch


Coffee Break

11:00O 1.3: Philipp Böning et al.: Emerging infectious diseases as a threat to wildlife – the case of the salamander plague
11:15O 1.4: Christian Zehner et al.: Title: Biodiversity in protected areas: priorities for regional biodiversity conservation
11:30O 1.5: Victoria Formoso-Freire et al.: Predicting the spatio-temporal pattern of range expansion in an invasive species under lack of equilibrium with climate
11:45O 1.6: Tom Matthews et al.: Threatened and extinct (island) birds of the world: implications for species loss on functional diversity
12:00O 1.7: Bernd Lenzner et al.: The impact of European colonialism on global plant redistribution
12:15O 1.8: Melanie Werner et al.: Instagram Occurrence Data Sampling for Species Distribution Modelling

Lunch break (university canteen)


"Session 2: Evolution of interacting species"

O 2.1: Lenka Harmackova et al.: The evolution of local co-occurrence in birds in relation to latitude, sympatry, and range symmetry
14:00O 2.2: Carl Beierkuhnlein: Ecosystems as arenas for endemism
14:15O 2.3: Holger Kreft et al.: Assembly of functional diversity in an oceanic island flora
14:30O 2.4: David Storch: Shifting biodiversity equilibria in the Anthropocene
14:45O 2.5: Alexander Zizka: The evolution of insular woodiness
15:00O 2.6: Jan Smyčka et al.: Do the species with large geographic range diversify faster?

1st Poster Session & Coffee Break


"Session 3: From Evolution to grassland dynamics"

O 3.1: Sarah-Sophie Weil et al.: Uncovering how traits have shaped the global biogeography of tetrapods
16:15O 3.2: Ole R. Vetaas et al.: The latitudinal gradient in phylogenetic diversity of seed plants in Asia during the Holocene
16:30O 3.3: Irena Simova et al.: The dynamics of the diversity-energy relationship during the last 21,000 years
16:45O 3.4: Yujie Niu et al.: Will collapsed species richness under climate extreme lead to a decrease in plant community biomass production? Evidence from translocation experiments
17:00O 3.5: Steven Higgins et al.: Limited climatic space for alternative ecosystem states in Africa
17:15O 3.6: Antonia Ludwig et al.: Using simulated grassland communities and radiative transfer models to test the Spectral Variation Hypothesis

Guided tour ÖBG (one group in English language)


Conference dinner/ Social Event (conference room, SWO building )


Friday, 05.05.2023: Conference

TimeSWO conference room

Welcome Coffee (& Check-In)


2nd Keynote Speech: Forecasting species range dynamics under global change (Prof. Damaris Zurell)


"Session 4: From range dynamics to extinction"

O 4.1: Davide Serva et al.: A Continental-scale modelling approach for the Eurasian beaver expansion: biogeographic perspectives and management issues
09:30O 4.2: Mattia Iannella et al.: Macro-ecological insights from species distribution models: mapping the possible competitive interaction between golden jackal and Eurasian lynx
09:45O 4.3: Florian Hartig: Joint Species Distribution Models - a summary for macroecologists

Coffee Break

10:30O 4.4: Maximilian Pichler et al.: Species distribution models based on ML and DL - can we reliably infer ecological effects?
10:45O 4.5: Susanne Fritz et al.: Predicting extinctions with species distribution models
11:00O 4.6: Matthias Biber et al.: Potential effects of future climate change on global reptile distributions and diversity
11:15O 4.7: Carl Reddin et al.: Thermal niche determines marine species loss and assemblage succession during Early Jurassic warming pulses
11:30O 4.8: Gregor Mathes et al.: The effect of climate legacies on extinction dynamics
11:45O 4.9: Isaiah E. Smith et al.: Trajectory of geographic occupancy an informative predictor of extinction risk in fossil microplankton taxa

Lunch break (university canteen)


"Session 5: From forest dynamics to island biogeography"

O 5.1: Amael Le Squin et al.: State-space models increase sensitivity in tree growth responses to environmental predictors
13:30O 5.2: Maaike Y. Bader et al.: Elevational matches and mismatches of modelled and observed alpine treelines and upper forest limits globally
13:45O 5.3: Christine B. Schmitt et al.: Plant diversity and biomass in the Kenyan coastal forest
14:00O 5.4: Anke Jentsch et al.: El Niño Southern Oscillation Dynamics in NW-Peru over 2 Decades: Desert and Dry Forest Response to Extreme Heat and Rainfall Events.
14:15O 5.5: Luis Valente et al.: Global island biogeography of the largest plant family: Asteraceae
14:30O 5.6: Pia Eibes et al.: Habitat island biogeography of natural edaphic islands

2nd Poster Session & Coffee Break


"Session 6: Functional biogeography"

O 6.1: Severin Irl et al.: Functional island biogeography of the flora of the Canary Islands
15:45O 6.2: Ting-Wen Chen et al.: Functional traits inform ecological processes underlying global springtail diversity
16:00O 6.3: Sophie Wolf et al.: Citizen science observations capture global patterns of plant traits

Plenary Meeting (AK Biogeography & AK Macroecology) & End of conference


Saturday, 06.05.2023: Excursion "Fränkische Schweiz"

TimeSWO conference room

Registration Excursion "Fränkische Schweiz", Meeting point - NEW -: In front of the SWO conference room


Excursion "Fränkische Schweiz" (optionally with kayak tour)


Lunch Break "Restaurant Held Bräu"


Excursion "Fränkische Schweiz" Giechburg


End of Excursion "Fränkische Schweiz"

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