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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Vorlesung/Übung: Statistical Modelling with R (M2) (74048)

WS 2014/2015
Mo.: 16:00-18:00; Di.: 08:00-10:00

Manuel Steinbauer

Statistical Modelling is scheduled for the second half of the semester. Always on Monday 16:00 and Tuesday 08:00.

Monday Rooms:Cip Pool in AI

Tuesday Rooms:  Cip Pool in B9



Statistical Modelling is designed for the study programs Biodiversity and Ecology, Geoecology, Geography and Global Change Ecology, but is open to everybody including PhD students. Registration is not required prior to the starting date.

Teaching language is English.

Knowledge on R (comparable to the content of the lecture "Introducction to R" that takes place in the frst half of the semester) is required for participation.

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