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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Research at the Natural and Social Science Interface (C6a) (74043)

WS 2018/2019
Di.: 14:00-18:00, S22, GEO

Thomas Koellner, Michael Hauhs



Course is given in the first half of winter term. It will be replaced by the course "Current Research in Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (C2b)" in the second half of the winter term.

Further information (recommended readings, etc.) can be obtained on the e-learning site of the course.

Starting date: 23.10.2018

Learning Objective: Knowledge of theoretical approaches in which change in natural science, economy and cultural studies is described; application and critique of terms based on a study of current and historical examples of the relationship between human beings and the ecosystem. Integrability and transferability of research questions and results between scientific and other social groups. 

Course Content: Environmental problems require not only expert knowledge but also the ability to work together with different disciplines and authorities. The aim of this module is to teach about the interface in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. The possibilities and limits of these approaches will be discussed with examples. The course focuses on the terms ecosystem, landscape and wilderness. Historic examples of the human relationship to environment will be shown by lost cultures in regards to ecology, climatic, social and cultural aspects. 

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