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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Extreme Events (GCE:A3b) (74011)

SS 2020
Mo.: 15:00-17:00

Wolfgang Buermann


Fr 29.05.2020 10-12: Introduction
Mo 08.06. - 13.07.2020 9-11am and 3-5 pm: Seminar presentations

digital course - see e-learning and the information provided by the lecturer (sent on Friday 22.05. via email to registered students)

Learning Objective (Module A3): Aim of this module is to teach about occurrence and impact of natural risks, extreme events and shocks.  Reoccurring events are included as well as single disasters; those with stabilising effects and those with catastrophic consequences and regime change. The impact on biodiversity, ecology, provision of services, and cultural landscapes is covered. The learning objective is the ability to deal with in-depth theories and methods of Disturbance Ecology and to research extreme events. Fundamentals for a scientific study of interdisciplinary catastrophe research and management will be developed.

Course Content: Climate and land-use change are leading to global changes in disturbance regimes and to an increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme events. In this module we deal with, among other things, abrupt climate change and the appearance of extreme weather events like heat waves, drought, intense rainfall, tropical cyclones and extra-tropical severe storms.  Furthermore, e.g. large fires, insect calamities, pandemics, volcano eruptions, floods and toxic disasters will be covered and the system response analysed. The ecological consequences of possible future extreme events such as a lack of a cold winter and then late frosts in the northern hemisphere will also be covered

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