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Vorlesung/Übung: Time Series Analysis (M6a) (74053)

WS 2021/2022
Do.: 08:00-10:00

Britta Aufgebauer, Michael Hauhs, Daniel Kurz


Starting Date:  tba

Prerequisite: 74030- Introduction to R (M1) and basic statistics

Course content: In this module linear and non-linear time series analysis will be taught and practiced by using different data sets from various environmental monitoring. Along with the classic procedure (auto and cross correlation, trend ­analyse, Fourier analyse, ARIMA-models) a focus is on non-linear methods recurring analysis, singular system analysis, wavelets, dimension reduction, etc.). The selection of procedure can change and is based on the interests of the students and current research projects.

In this lecture the single procedures will be talked about and then with examples of short time series, this will be practiced in the tutorials.

Please check the e-learning and cmlife at the beginning of the semester, as changes due to Covid-19 might occur.

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