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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Biodiversity in the Tropics (A8) (00750)

WS 2023/2024
Do.: 17:00-19:00, S 34 (NW I)

Bettina Engelbrecht

Seminar (for lecture and seminar: 5 ECTS in total)

Starting date: 19 October 2023

Learning Objectives: Module aim is to gain a sound overview of tropical ecology and in particular of research on biodiversity in the tropics. Students learn on the basis of examples different approaches to advance and test an ecological hypothesis. Critically reading and assessing assess scientific literature, as well as scientific presentation are practiced.

Course Content: First, the module provides an introductory overview of tropical ecology. On the basis of tropical forests which represents one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth, we deal with theories and today‘s state of knowledge on mechanisms of the origin and maintenance of diversity, processes determining the spatial and temporal distribution of diversity, the functions of diversity, impacts of climate change and land use and strategies for protection. In doing so we include genetic, chemical, functional and species diversity as well as different taxonomic groups. 

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