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Seminar: Water Balances at Different Scales (74006)

WS 2009/2010
Mo.: 12:00-14:00, S 21, GEO / 2 ECTS

Stefan Peiffer, Michael Belau

S, 2 hrs

Programme of the GCE Seminar Water Balances at different Scales
(climate change and sustainable flood management)

The course is separated into two sections:

I) Lecture: Introduction into hydrological processes

- Short overview of the course

- Components of water budget:
  • Rainfall
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Discharge
Peiffer 19.10.
- Ground water and its relationship to surface water:
  • Darcy´s law
  • Base flow
  • Receiving and gaining streams
Peiffer 09.11.

II) Seminar: Adaptation in sustainable flood management – the Bayreuth case (will be further specified)

- Organisation of the seminar

- Introduction into the theme
Belau, Peiffer23.11.
(room t.b.a.)
- Field trip (tentative) Belau, Fischer, Peiffert.b.a.
- Adaptation strategies

- Presentation of homework of students
Belau, Peiffer2 dates in January 2010
- Concluding discussion Belau, PeifferFebruary 2010

The course will identify the hydrological perspective of climate change on water availability and and water quality.

The implications with respect to the usage of water will be outlined by contrasting an arid area in a developping country to the situation in Germany.

Strategies to cope with the challenges will be discussed.

The course has seminar character, i. e. the students will be actively involved in compilation of literature/data and development of concepts.

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