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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Concepts of Change in Natural and Social Systems - Concepts of Appropriating and Conserving Nature (C6b) (74044)

WS 2014/2015
Mo.: 14:00-16:00, S36 NWI; Final course meeting as block in Wallenfels

Georg Klute, Michael Hauhs, Ulrich Berner


Starting date: 13.10.2014

In the first half of the winter term this course will take place weekly.
There will be a final block seminar in Wallenfels: see announcements

We will use the notion of Time in dealing with one of the traditional objects of natural sciences: National Parks. This is a challenging approach as in the sciences of nature space, and not time, is in a predominant role. The nature-culture dichotomy as criticized by Descola 2005) is traditionally used as a spatial delineation: culture on one side, nature on the other. Hence management issues deal with mutual dependencies in space. In order to preserve nature, national parks are separated from the realm of human culture. In the seminar, we will treat temporal relationships between humans and their (natural) environments. Nature is conceptualized as an interface at which some events can be actively repeated, or appear as series of unique historical events. We study how different stakeholders in national parks conceptualize their respective notions of 'nature' as historical narratives relative to their own competences of participating in this history.

Ingold, Tim 2000, The Perception of the Environment. Essays on livelihood, dwelling and skill, London: Routledge.
Descola, Philippe 2005, Par-delà nature et culture, Paris, Gallimard.

Record of achievement: active participation, presentation, assignment

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