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Outstanding student presentation Auszeichung für Anita Freundorfer (ERC DarkMix) von der American Meteorological Society


Anita, who is a PhD student in the ERC DarkMix project, received the prestigious recognition of her work on determining spatially resolved turbulent wind directions from fiber-optic sensing.

She delivered the outstanding presentation at the 24th Symposium on Boundary-layers and Turbulence as part of the 103rd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Denver, C, USA. The accompanying paper for the presentation can be found under https://doi.org/10.1175/JTECH-D-21-0019.1. The image below shows an example spatiotemporal series to which Anita's new computational method was applied. Displayed is the spatial structure of a meandering motions with drastic wind directional changes in the nocturnal weak-wind boundary layer. Kudos to Anita! 


Determining spatial wind direction from FODS during the LOVE19 field experiment

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