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Mikrometeorologie - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Vorlesung: Land Use Change and Climate (74033)

WS 2014/2015
Mi.: 14:30-16:00, S21

Christoph Thomas

University of Bayreuth, Dept. of Micrometeorology, Energy and matter Exchange between Ecosystems and the Atmosphere, lesson
M. Sc. Global Change Ecology, Modul C1a

also for M. Sc. Geoecology (Modul FM4, GM3, FM3.9) and M. Sc. Physical Geography (Modul W04)



Discussion of physical and chemical processes and concepts and their relation to land use change, as well as their impact on climate and climate modelling.

The password needed to download the files will be given in class.

Start: 8 Oct 2014

NOTE: Starting October 22, 2014, we will start at 14:30 instead of 14ct.


Nr. Datum Thema Vortragende(r)
1 19. 01. 2015 Extended deadline for Problem set 3, ONLY for GCE students participating in the excursion to Bonn GCE students
2 16. 01. 2015 Solutions to Problem set 3 due! Students
3 14. 01. 2015 C1a Seminar, 16-18 after regular class, Location H8 Christoph Thomas; Student teams
4 12. 12. 2014 Topics and instructions for additional 1CP seminar now posted! Christoph Thomas
5 10. 12. 2014 Problem set 2 DUE Students
6 12. 11. 2014 Discussion of Problem set 1 Lena Pfister, Wolfgang Babel
7 05. 11. 2014 Solution to Problem set 1 due! Students

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