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Mikrometeorologie - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Seminar/Exkursion: Experimental micrometeorology: From design to interpretation of land surface exchange measurements, field course (28352)

SS 2018
26.08.2018-07.09.2018 (mehrtägig), near Schleswig, Germany

Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch

Geoecology, M. Sc., Modul PM5

A preparatory meeting will be held on April 25, 12:00 in S 135 (NW III)

A preparatory exercise: Working on large data sets with R will be offered

The focus of this course lies on measurement and analysis of energy and matter exchange between atmosphere and surface. All participants will conduct measurements by themselves, analyse the data, evaluate their quality, present the results and write a report. While working on these tasks, the participants will be individually supervised, fundamental basics will be taught or worked out in groups. In preparation to the field lab/computer lab days in Lindenberg the participants will choose a scientific question and the respective micrometeorological technique together with the supervisors. Individual wishes, based on given project work or simply on individual interest, are appreciated!

The following techniques will be used as a minimum:

  • Set-up and maintenance of energy and carbon dioxide exchange (eddy-covariance, radiation, soil heat flux)
  • analysis of eddy-covariance data including corrections, data quality and footprint
  • analysis of energy balance components and closure

The course will be held in English, and 5 ETCS were received.

The block course will be held in 12 days, and is expected to take place from Aug 26 - Sept 7, 2018 near Schleswig, Germany.

More details and material will be provided via elearning

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