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Mikrometeorologie - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Seminar: Mikrometeorologisches und atmosphärenchemisches Seminar (28004)

WS 2018/2019
Mo.: 16:15-17:45, S21

Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel

Seminar for staff members, postdocs, PhD candidates and students of the groups of Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry

Scedule (to be continued)

Date Topic Lecturer
05.11.2018 Report on current and prospective research activities Olli Peltola
12.11.2018 Proposal Master Thesis: "Carbon and energy fluxes above an extensively managed grassland" Valentin Heinzelmann
19.11.2018 Introduction to Bachelor and Master theses offered Thomas, Babel
26.11.2018 Master thesis: "A multivariate statistical approach for air mass discrimination at the Schneefernerhaus, Zugspitze" Armin Sigmund
03.12.2018 Visualization and analysis of fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing data sets Christoph Thomas
10.12.2018 B. Sc. Thesis: "Spatial distribution of microplastic particles on a riverbank measured in a wind tunnel"
Proposal Master Thesis: "Application of 15N labelled slurry in a microplot field study: Ammonia volatilization and N dynamics in plant and soil N pools"
Anna-Lena Urbanek
Michael Cormann
17.12.2018 Final presentation B. Sc. Theses: "Seasonality of climate change mitigation potential in the understory of a tropical dry forest" and "Influence of disturbance history on climate change mitigation potential in a tropical dry forest" Anna Lindenberger, Marie Stöckhardt
-- christmas holiday break  
14.01.2019 Snow and climate change: communication of climate change Karl Lapo


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