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Soil Physics

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Lecture: Changes in Agroecosystems (20668)

WS 2023/2024
Th.: 14:00-16:00; S 130 (NWIIIEG0.05.1)

Khatab Abdalla, Frederic Leuther

The module goal is to learn how soil management and various (a)biotic drivers affect the structure of soils and herewith multiple soil functions at different temporal scales. Agroecosystem management alters soil structure and thus various soil functions. In addition, bioturbation and climatic conditions induce seasonal dynamics in the pore network and thus in the architecture of the soil. Quantifying these changes provides critical information about soil as a habitat and water as a key resource for plant production. In addition, soil structure plays a crucial role for water and matter fluxes in agroecosystems. In this module, we learn about soil structure as a dynamic soil state, methods to quantify structural indicators and how these structural changes modify soil functions. We will further discuss how management systems can be adapted in prospect of future scenarios. The course provides a general overview of soil structure, how it is changing by various drivers (tillage, freezing/thawing, wetting/drying, bioturbation), as well as the feedback mechanisms for soil functions and implications for resource management in agroecosystems.

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