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Publications of the year 2022

Abdalla, M; Ahmed, MA; Cai, G; Schwartz, N; Litig, O; Javaux, M; Carminati, A: Stomatal closure during water deficit is controlled by belowground hydraulics, Annals of botany, Oxford University Press (2022)
Abdalla, M; Ahmed, MA; Cai, G; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Coupled effects of soil drying and salinity on soil–plant hydraulics, Plant Physiology (2022)
Cai, G; Ahmed, MA: The role of root hairs in water uptake: recent advances and future perspectives, Journal of Experimental Botany (2022)
Cai, G; Ahmed, MA; Abdalla, M; Carminati, A: Root hydraulic phenotypes impacting water uptake in drying soils, Plant, Cell and Environment (2022)
Cai, G; Tötzke, C; Kaestner, A; Ahmed, MA: Quantification of root water uptake and redistribution using neutron imaging: a review and future directions, The Plant Journal (2022)
Duddek, P; Carminati, A; Koebernick, N; Ohmann, L; Lovric, G; Delzon, S; Rodriguez‐Dominguez, C; King, A; Ahmed, MA: The impact of drought-induced root and root hair shrinkage on root-soil contact, Plant Physiology (2022)
Schnepf,, A; Carminati, A; Ahmed, MA; Ani, M; Benard, P; Bentz, J; Bonkowski, M; Knott, M; Diehl, D; Duddek, P; Kroener, E; Javaux, M; Landl, M; Lehndorff, E; Lippold, E; Lieu, A; Mueller, C; Oburger, E; Otten, W; Portell, X; Phalempin, M; Prechtel, A; Schulz, R; Vanderborght, J; Vetterlein, D: Linking rhizosphere processes across scales: Opinion, Plant and Soil (2022)
Vetterlein, D; Phalempin, M; Lippold, E; Schlüter, S; Schreiter, S; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A; Duddek, P; Jorda, H; Bienert, GP; Bienert, MD; Tarkka, M; Ganther, M; Oburger, E; Santangeli, M; Javaux, M; Vanderborght, J: Root hairs matter at field scale for maize shoot growth and nutrient uptake, but root trait plasticity is primarily triggered by texture and drought, Plant and Soil (2022)

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