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Soil Physics

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Mutez Ali Ahmed: Projects

  • Back to the roots: Fostering Sustainable Nutrition in Africa (Back to the roots)
    This project targets the rhizosphere, the key hotspot where plants overcome water and nutrient scarcity. The overall goal is to foster a more sustainable food production in African countries. [Details]

  • Rhizosphere Spatiotemporal Organisation – a Key to Rhizosphere Functions (SPP 2089)
    Mutez Ali Ahmed, Andrea Carminati, Patrick Duddek, Doris Vetterlein [Details]

  • Emerging effects of root hairs and mucilage on plant scale soil water relations (-)
    Mutez Ali Ahmed, Andrea Carminati [Details]

  • MUCILAGE: The hydraulic bridge between soil and plants (MUCILAGE)
    The aim of the project is to characterize the physical and chemical properties of root exuded mucilage and its effects on water flow in soils and root water uptake. [Details]

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