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Grosz, B; Matson, A; Butterbach-Bahl, K; Clough, T; Davidson, EA; Dechow, R; DelGrosso, S; Diamantopoulos, E; Dörsch, P; Haas, E; He, H; Henri, CV; Hui, D; Kleineidam, K; Kraus, D; Kuhnert, M; Léonard, J; Müller, C; Petersen, SO; Sihi, D; Vogeler, I; Well, R; Yeluripati, J; Zhang, J; Scheer, C: Modeling Denitrification: Can We Report What We Don't Know?, AGU Advances (2023), doi:https://doi.org/10.1029/2023AV000990
Abstract Biogeochemical models simulate soil nitrogen (N) turnover and are often used to assess N losses through denitrification. Though models simulate a complete N budget, often only a subset of N pools/fluxes (i.e., N2O, , NH3, NOx) are published since the full budget cannot be validated with measured data. Field studies rarely include full N balances, especially N2 fluxes, which are difficult to quantify. Limiting publication of modeling results based on available field data represents a missed opportunity to improve the understanding of modeled processes. We propose that the modeler community support publication of all simulated N pools and processes in future studies.
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