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Dowon Lee: Projekte

  • Assessing bird functional diversity in the Soyang Lake Watershed with the aid of airborne LIDAR and the forest landscape model LandClim (TERRECO Cluster A-07)
    So-Yeon Bae, Björn Reineking, Chan Ryul Park, Dowon Lee [Details]

Beendete Projekte

  • Field Margin Biodiversity and Landscape Function (TERRECO Cluster A-03)
    Hamada Elsayed Ali, Björn Reineking, Bernd Huwe, John Tenhunen, Dowon Lee [Details]

  • The characteristics of the breeding bird community in the Haean Catchment (TERRECO WP 3-08)
    Chan Ryul Park, Dowon Lee [Details]

  • Floristic Composition of Bibosoops as Mediated by Seed Dispersal (TERRECO WP 3-06)
    Insu Koh, Chan Ryul Park, Dowon Lee, Björn Reineking [Details]