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Workshop in Weißenstadt, January 2010

Presenting person: John Tenhunen
Fr. 2010-01-29-Su. 2010-01-31, Schullandheim Spandau e.V.

Contact: John Tenhunen

Nineteen graduate students, three postdocs and the head of the TERRECO project, John Tenhunen, will meet in Weissenstadt (Schullandheim Spandau e.V.) from January 29 to 31, 2010, in order to plan field work in the Haean watershed in South Korea during the summer season 2010. There will be extensive time for discussions in a peaceful location, surrounded by a (hopefully white) winter landscape.



January 29


8:00                departure from Univ. of Bayreuth, parking lot at B 13

9:00                arrival at Weißenstadt Schullandheim


9:30                Overview over the objectives

                        Presentation of integrated experiments


12:00              Lunch


13:00              Trip to Ochsenkopf mountain, north side, ride with cable car to the top,

                        walk back down – winter ecology 


18:00              Dinner at Schullandheim

19:30              Evening session with presentations by visiting students from Korea

                        Integrated experiments



January, 30


7:30                Breakfast


8:00 – 12:00  Time planning - costing


12:00              Lunch


13:00              Time planning – costing


15:00              Trip to Fichtelberg, either swimming or skiing


ca. 18:00       Dinner at Bayreuther Haus at skiing area in Mehlmeisel


ca. 20:30       Get-together at Schullandheim



January 31


7:30                Breakfast


8:00 – 16:00  Work on planning costs


12:00              Lunch break


17:00              Return to Bayreuth



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