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WP 2: Soils, Transport and Hydrology

Active Projects (with main focus on this field)

TERRECO WP 2-04Relationships between denitrification rates and denitrifier abundance determined by molecular approaches
Hojeong Kang, Gerhard Gebauer
TERRECO WP 2-11Fate and toxicity of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in the soil and aquatic systems of Soyang Lake Watershed
Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe

Completed Projects (with main focus on this field)

TERRECO WP 2-01Fluxes of dissolved and fine particulate organic matter from terrestrial to aquatic systems in dependence on temperature and precipitation regime
Stefan Strohmeier, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park
TERRECO WP 2-02Hydroclimatic controls on the transport of dissolved and particulate organic matter and trace metals in mountainous forested watersheds
Hyunju Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Egbert Matzner
TERRECO WP 2-03Humic substances and aquatic microbial ecology - comparisons in ecosystems of Korea and Germany
Tae Seok Ahn, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-05Element cycles in mountain regions under differing land use
Janine Kettering, Yakov Kuzyakov, Jae E. Yang, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-06Hydrological response of subsurface stormflow through soil matrix and macropores on forested hillslopes
Kyongha Kim, Bernd Huwe
TERRECO WP 2-07Land management, erosion, and sediment transport in a mountainous landscape
Sebastian Arnhold, Elisabeth Stöckler, Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-08Effect of polymers on plant residuals decomposition in agroecosystems
Yasser Mahmoud Awad, Yong Sik Ok, Yakov Kuzyakov
TERRECO WP 2-09Effect of PAM, biopolymers and biochar on runoff, erosion, soil properties, and plant growth
Sang Soo Lee, Yong Sik Ok
TERRECO WP 2-10Analysis and modeling of flow systems in soils under different topographic and land use conditions
Marianne Ruidisch, Camila Gaviria, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, John Tenhunen
TERRECO WP 2-12Material processing at Haean Basin scale: The role of hyporheic exchange and the riparian zone in NO3 and DOC export from catchments
Svenja Bartsch, Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-13Export of phosphorus and nitrogen from agricultural river basins in Korea
Jaesung Eum, Bomchul Kim
TERRECO WP 2-14Assessing water yield and water quality in complex terrain at small catchment and regional scales
Christopher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
TERRECO WP 2-15Modelling soil greenhouse gas exchange of the Haean catchment
Young-Sun Kim, Ralf Kiese, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, John Tenhunen

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