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AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco

American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting

December 2010

Posters from TERRECO members:

Monsoon-driven Total Head and Temperature Variations at the GW-SW-Interface

Svenja Bartsch, Christohpher L. Shope, Stefan Peiffer, John Tenhunen, and Jan Fleckenstein


Estimating Plot Scale Impacts on Watershed Scale Management

Christohpher L. Shope, Jan Fleckenstein, John Tenhunen, Stefan Peiffer, and Bernd Huwe


Stream and Groundwater Exchange at a Large Fluvial Island

Christohpher L. Shope, James E. Constantz1, Clay A. Cooper2, and W. Alan Mc Kay2

1 U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA

2 Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV



December 14 - 18, 2009

Posters from TERRECO members:


Soil erosion and management measures in the Haean catchment of Korea

Arnhold, S., Ruidisch, M., Glaser, B., Huwe, B., Kettering, J., Ok, Y., and Tenhunen, J.


Overcoming the Challenges of Estimating Water Use in Temperate, Mixed Deciduous Forest in S. Korea

Jung, E., Otieno, D.O., and Tenhunen, J.D.


N cycling depending on different soil additives in agroecosystems in complex terrain in South Korea

Kettering, J., Arnhold, S., Awad, Y., Kuzyakov, Y., Lee, B., Lindner, S., Ok, Y.-S., Ruidisch, M., and Tenhunen, J.


Landscape Level Carbon and Water Balances and Agricultural Production in Mountainous Terrain of the Haean Basin, South Korea

Lee, B., Geyer, R., Seo, B., Lindner, S., Walther, G. R. and Tenhunen J.


Micro-habitat variability in CO2 exchange and regulation in a Mountain Peatland, Fichtelgebirge Germany

Lindner, S., Otieno, D., Wartinger M., Borken W. and Tenhunen, John


Transpirational water use and its regulation in the mountainous terrain of S. Korea

Otieno, D.O., Eunyoung, J., Kang, S. and Tenhunen, J.


Analysis and Modeling of soil hydrology under different soil additives in artificial runoff plots

Ruidisch, M., Arnhold S., Kettering, J., Huwe, B., Glaser, B. and Ok, Y.


Hydrological Controls of DOC in Runoff in a Forested Watershed in Germany

Strohmeier, S., Frei, S., Knorr, K.H., Blomenhofer, A., Foullois, N., Fleckenstein, J.H., Peiffer, S. and Matzner, E.

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